Alexandria Lorenzon: Meet a Georgie Henley Fan!

In anticipation of the summer premiere of “Perfect Sisters” (IMDb) and as a nod to Georgie Henley (IMDb) fans, I’ve decided to interview administrators of Georgie fan sites and blogs. My first interview is with Alexandria Lorenzon, sole administrator of Georgie Henley Life on Blogspot – which is accepting affiliates.

Alexandria is an interesting and accomplished young woman. She was born and reared in Gothenburg, Sweden, and turns 19 this May. Fans can learn more about Gothenburg on its official website and on Visit Sweden.

Alexandria recently joined the staff of Teen Ink under the username ‘Mockingjay93.’ For her first assignment, she conducted an interview with London make-up artist Caroline Barnes. Click here to read it. Ms. Barnes did Georgie’s make-up for the 1883 Magazine photo shoot.

Tell us about yourself. What makes you ‘you’? What are your favorite hobbies and school subjects?

My name is Alexandria, but most people just call me Alex. I’m told that I’m rather absent-minded and I can often get lost in my own imagination but I rather like it that way. My hobbies pretty much include reading, writing and watching films. It seems to be all I do in my free-time. But then again, I also love finding and matching new clothes and colours. In school, my favourite subjects are definitely English and Photography. My least favorite is math; I’ve never been a fan of it.

What are your favorite films? Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

Well, I have so many favourite films! I usually just group them up into favourite directors instead since a lot of my favourites come from the same directors. But I absolutely love everything Tim Burton (IMDb) has made. He’s at the top of my list. Then I also love Andrew Adamson (IMDb) and Christopher Nolan‘s (IMDb) films.

My favourite actor is probably Colin Firth (IMDb) and my favourite actress is Helena Bonham Carter (IMDb). So you can probably guess that “The King’s Speech” (2010) (IMDb) was my ultimate film. Some of my friends think I’m weird since I like Helena so much, but I like the fact that she’s so different from other actresses. She really dares to be different and not many people dare to take that step. And of course the fact that she and Tim Burton are a couple makes her so much better, and they really seem to fit together.

You live in Sweden. What is it like there, compared to the USA? What do you love about your country and culture? I’m sure you’d love to see Georgie visit someday!

Well, Sweden is up in the northern part of Europe so you can guess that it’s pretty cold here. But no, we do not have polar bears walking around in the forests. [I’ve actually gotten that question when I visited my sister in the US.] But I’m not entirely sure how to compare Sweden and USA, since we only read about the US when we read about WWII or the War for Independence.

I’m not really a nationalist. I love my country and the Royal Family sure, but I’m that kind of person who wants to experience with other cultures and then try to distend myself from our culture. I don’t really like Swedish music or film, there are just some exceptions. I, of course, know that Sweden has a rather rich culture life and I am proud of it. It’s just that I seem to like other cultures more since I  find them more interesting.

I think it would be amazing if Georgie would visit Sweden some day. I would love to meet her or any of the other Narnia cast as well. I do know that James McAvoy (IMDb) was filming his new movie “Filth” (2012) (IMDb) in Trollhättan, which is just a 30-minute car ride from where I live. I really wanted to go and see, but I didn’t have the time.

I’ve heard that Europeans speak many different languages, partly because of the nature of their education and because so many different speakers live together on a single continent. So which languages do you speak? Which is your favorite, and which do you consider easiest?

I can’t speak for the other countries but in Sweden it’s mandatory to learn English in grade 2, when you’re around 8. Then you start studying what we call B-language, which is either French, German or Spanish, in year 4. You continue studying until you graduate when you turn 18 or 19. On the other hand, you can switch languages or add one when you turn 16, but English is something you can’t go without.

I’m a language freak, as my friend calls me and I speak seven different languages: Swedish, English, French, Italian, German, Russian and a little Japanese. I can read Hiragana but sadly not Kanji (yet). I don’t know why I wanted to learn so many, but I’ve always loved new languages. I think it’s connected to my love for other cultures. I think Japanese is my favourite language to speak because I think it’s rather exotic. But I -strangely- mostly speak English, which is also the one I consider to be the easiest.

What you’re doing sounds similar to the British system: take GCSEs at 16, finish A-levels at 19, then university. Unlike you, I have no language skills! I’ve been exposed only to French (4-5 years) and German (1 semester) in school, studying Hebrew and Greek in my personal time. As much time as I’ve spent with French, I can’t speak or write it much. English is my best and only language.

Well, we don’t take GCSEs or A-levels. We take something called National Test and we take it more than two times. We take it for the first time in year 3 at age 10, but only in Swedish; then in year 6 [age 13] and year 9 [age 16] – and then it’s in Swedish, English and Mathematics. We also take them in years 10, 11 and 12 when we transfer to other schools. Then we take the same test as in year 9, but some also take the test in their B-language. The teacher decides if the students shall take it or not, since it’s not required for us to take the National Test in B-languages.

Hebrew and Greek sound interesting! I’m thinking about taking a course in Latin at the University, even though it’s pretty much a dead language. But I find it interesting since so many languages comes from it.

Have you ever visited other countries? If so, which one(s)? Which country do you want to visit?

Oh yes! I absolutely love to travel. So far I’ve been to France (two times), Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, England (two times), California in the US (three times, I think) and Denmark (countless times). However, I would love to go to New Zealand, Japan, Scotland, and Italy.

Are you a ‘typical’ Narnia and Georgie fan, or ‘hardcore’? Does Sweden have a large fan base?

I would say that I’m somewhere in between. From what I can see Sweden doesn’t have a big fan base for Narnia or Georgie. Those I’ve met online from Sweden were too young to see the first film in its original language and saw the Swedish dubbing instead, which they do even now when they are older. I think that is rather sad since they don’t get the real experience. I’ve even met people who have complained about Georgie and Skandar’s real voices and said they preferred the dub.

What’s your favorite Narnia film, scene, and quote?

Well, I love all the films and I don’t put one over the other, but my favourite scene is from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” (2005) (IMDb), right after the Battle of Beruna when Lucy has given Edmund the cordial and they all hug. I just love that family moment. I’m not a romance person, but I love family relations (but never incest).

My favourite quote is probably from “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” (2010) (IMDb), in the beginning when Edmund says, “There once was boy called Eustace. . .” No matter how many times I hear it, I will always love it.

Favorite Georgie film, scene, and quote?

I just love Georgie in the first Narnia film. She was so adorable and just so innocent. But then again, my favourite scene is from “Prince Caspian” (2008) (IMDb). It’s actually one of the deleted scenes when she sees a Dryad die. She just looks so sad and really portrays it well.

For Georgie, my favourite quote also comes from VDT. Right before the battle when Gael tells her that when she grows up she wants to be just like Lucy, Lucy responds, “When you grow up, I want you to be just like you.” It has such meaning: that you should never try to be someone else and stay true to yourself.

Favorite Georgie co-star?

That’s easy. It’s definitely Skandar Keynes (IMDb). I just love his version of Edmund (who also happens to be my favourite character). I think that if Skandar wishes to stick to acting on the side or as a profession, he would be amazing. But I must say I think he’s rather smart to choose not to take on other roles while he is at University. It shows that Skandar cares about his education and can really show fans that education is more important than fame.

Favorite Georgie photo shoot and photographer?

I think I have to say Sarah Dunn on both of them. I think she is such a talented photographer and always seems to adapt the theme to the actor. With Georgie, they had a rather playful theme that really suited her.

Why are you looking forward to “Perfect Sisters”? What do you expect from Georgie – her role and performance?

Yeah, I can’t wait for it. Hopefully it will be in cinemas and not just a DVD release, since that would mean I would have to wait longer. But I think it’s going to be good for Georgie to have a role like this, just to show the rest of the world that she is capable of more than just playing an innocent little girl in Narnia. I have no problems with the darker themes of the film since I know that nothing on screen actually happened in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I know the story is based on a real murder case. What I mean is that I’ve read people’s comments about how they dislike this new role that Georgie has taken on because of the dark themes. We’ve all heard that Georgie’s character is going to be sexually abused, but it’s not like it happened to her in real life. She’s under 18 and they used a double. I just can’t wait until the trailer comes out.

What led you to start Georgie Henley Life, and why in English (not Swedish)? What are your desires and visions for the blog?

The blog is older than some might think. I started it for the first time in February 2011 under a different name and it was all in Swedish. After a while, I figured that the fan base wasn’t large enough since only about 10 million people speak it, and 9.4 million are from Sweden. So in November I decided to switch to English and also switch blog servers to reach people all over the world. I am trying to move the blog to a real website but I’m having problems with the codes. I also don’t have enough time to fix a decent layout, but hopefully I will have something up in the future.

You recently joined Teen Ink as a fashion journalist. You’ve already interviewed Georgie’s most recent makeup-artist, Caroline Barnes. Are you enjoying the position? What else can we expect from you at Teen Ink?

Well, the great thing about Teen Ink is that anyone can join and write for them, as long as you’re a teen. You don’t have to do interviews. You can write pretty much what ever you want; they even have a section for Fan Fiction if you like to write that. I started with fashion because that is something I know and can easily relate to, but I also hope to get some other kind of interviews.

I recently sent in my interview with the photographer Alisa Connan, so I’m hoping that people will like that one. I’ve also asked to do an interview with one of the actors in “Perfect Sisters,” but for the moment I’m not telling who. Sometimes you just have to have some small secrets.

What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you want to study at university?

I’m not sure. Writer, journalist, photographer, teacher – I haven’t really made up my mind. At the moment, I’m a third year student in photography (the schools have a little different system here). In the fall I’m going to Gothenburg University for a year, studying both photography and writing. After that, I’m going to study abroad in England, but I haven’t applied to the schools yet. I haven’t really made up my mind on which ones to apply to.

Thanks for the interview, Alex! You’ll do well in whichever path you choose!

Images: GHL / Alamy (via Daily Mail) / Just Jared Jr / James McAvoy Online / Walden Media & Disney / Sarah Dunn / Gothenburg University


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