Q: Who are Skandar and Georgie?

Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley are British celebrities. They played Edmund and Lucy in Walden Media’s The Chronicles of Narnia franchise (2005, 2008, 2010).

Q: How old are Skandar and Georgie?

Skandar was born on September 5, 1991. Georgie was born on July 9, 1995.

Q: Where do Skandar and Georgie live?

They live in London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

Q: Where do Skandar and Georgie go to school?

Skandar graduated from The University of Cambridge with a BA in Middle Eastern Studies in 2014. Georgie graduated from Cambridge with a BA in English in 2016.


Q: Do Skandar and Georgie have websites? Do they use social networks? Can I talk to them online?

Skandar has an official website: He also has a personal Facebook account but doesn’t “friend” strangers or fans. Georgie joined Twitter in September 2015: All other social media accounts are fake (posers). Please give the actors their privacy.

Q: How do I contact Skandar and Georgie if I can’t use the Internet?

Georgie’s London agent is Hamilton Hodell. Fans can contact via her address. Skandar has left acting. Fans can still contact him via his address.

Q: Do Skandar and Georgie’s families and friends use the Internet?

Skandar’s father Randal is a conservationist (LinkedIn). His sister Soumaya is a journalist. She has an official website. Georgie’s father Mike is a management consultant (LinkedIn). Her sister Rachael played adult Lucy in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005). She has an official Facebook page. Please give these people their privacy.


Q: Are Skandar and Georgie dating?

No. Contrary to claims on their “Who’s Dated Who” profiles, Skandar and Georgie are not dating and never have. They’re just friends.

Q: What about the photo I saw online of them kissing?

The photo below is of Freddie Highmore and Sarah Bolger on the set of The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008). See the original photo here.


Q: Are Skandar and Georgie dating anyone?

I don’t know. If they are, they haven’t made this information public.


Q: What is Georgie’s new movie about? When will it hit theaters?

Georgie’s latest role is Access All Areas, produced by Camden Film Company. She plays lead character Natalie. This film also stars Edward Bluemel, Ella Purnell, and Jordan Stephens. It will hit theaters in 2016. Fans can get the latest news on the film’s official Facebook and Twitter, and on IMDb.

Q: Will there be a fourth Narnia film? [aka Narnia 4]

Thanks to The Mark Gordon Company, The Silver Chair is in pre-production. See information on NarniaWeb.

Q: If/when Narnia 4 is made, will Skandar and Georgie appear in it?

They may receive a cameo, which continues the story of Edmund and Lucy’s cousin Eustace. The production will decide this in screenwriting.


Q: What are the major fan sites? How do I get the latest news?

Q: What is Georgie Henley Portal?

Georgie Henley Portal is an online portal for all things Georgie. Its only social network account is Pinterest.

Q: What if I have more questions?

Fans can contact me via email. They can also contact the administrators of other fan sites.